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Connected Teams Packages

Our Connected Teams activities are designed to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful leaders. Through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and mentorship, participants will gain the confidence and experience needed to lead their teams effectively.

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High Performance

3 Activities (2-Ground & 1-Challenge Course) focused on understanding communication styles and proper delivery.​  Activities include:

  • Blind Tent Build
  • Toxic Waste Removal
  • Summit Escape


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Communicate & Collaborate

2-ground activities (no Challenge Course) focused on team collaboration and communication.​  Activities include:

  • Blind Tent Build
  • Quantum Puzzle


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Engage in Diversity

This event focuses on self-discovery of unconscious biases, provides self-awareness of how our fears and anxieties affect decision making and  empathy towards colleagues.  Activities include:

  • Cave Rescue
  • Ranger Warrior Challenge
  • Blind Tent Build



Growth Mindset-1

Growth Mindset

4 Activities (3-Ground & 1-Challenge Course)​ focused on fostering personal and team growth.  Activities include:

  • Ranger Warrior Challenge
  • Blind Tent Build
  • Toxic Waste Removal
  • Quantum Puzzle


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Team Cohesion

Challenge Course & social networking on the Lhotse Lounge.  Team Cohesion is a less structured activity focused on building team synergy through challenge and curing through social networking.



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Custom Package

If our current packages don’t match your needs, we will develop a program especially for you.  If you are looking for meeting space, basic team building or a day program, our Summit Facilitators can create the perfect agenda.

(Time Varies Based on Agenda)

Sample Agenda

Our Connected Team Building Packages are 3 to 6 hours in length. The session begins with a brief and ends
with debrief. Time is allotted between activities for breaks. A Connect Teams Package is comprised of 2 to 3
activities (1-Challenge Course & 1-2 Ground) and generally follows the schedule below:

Connected Teams Schedule of Events Sample



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