Policies & Procedures

Current Policy:  Guests are not required to wear protective masks. Guests may choose to wear a mask if they like.

Summit Ropes has always been committed to employee and guest safety.  During the COVID Pandemic, our staff has worked tirelessly to change our procedures, processes and even some of our course elements to incorporate best practices for adventure attractions. 

Staff Policies

  • Staff is prohibited from coming to work if they feel ill or sick in any way.

  • All staff are required to wash their hands as soon as they enter the building and throughout the day.

  • Staff will maintain social distancing as work duties permit.

Sanitization of our Facility, Course & Equipment

While we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our entire facility, we have increased our cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization practices as follows:

  • Increased frequency of sanitizing our facility (poles, tables, chairs, check-in areas, restrooms, benches, and stair handrails).

  • Increased hand sanitization stations throughout facility.

  • As always, our restrooms and water bottle fill station remain touchless.

  • Approved cleaning solutions are used on our Smart-Belay Devices (those metal clips you use to climb) and will be cleaned, safety checked and set-aside for 24 hours prior to being issued to another guest.

Guest Requirements & Procedures to Encourage Social Distancing

  • Guests are not required to wear a Face Mask.