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We Help Solve Your Team’s Problems Using A Non-Traditional Approach.

Your Facilitator
Dan Kasabian, is at the heart of Summit Ropes Team Building Programs. A combat veteran, Ranger qualified former Army infantry officer, Dan is passionate about training individuals to become valued team members and instilling core components of effective teams, empowering individuals to promote team synergy. Dan has a team of highly qualified facilitators, with diverse backgrounds, delivering the unique programs.
Aliya Rakimgulova
We had our corporate event yesterday there! It was super cool! Great staff, awesome place! I am afraid of heights but after 5 mins with the team there I could overcome it and am very proud of myself! Thank you Summit Ropes for having us!

On-The-Ropes Course Team Building

Summit Ropes brings the outdoors inside, adding a special twist to traditional team building. Team building takes place on our 120-element course, providing participants a chance to perform challenging activities and support each other in a unique environment. Professional facilitators lead activities designed to engage teams and demand that they work together, under fear induced stress, to solve problems.


Goal: Aside from the apparent physical benefits, this team activity promotes critical thinking, observation, patience, creative thinking and problem solving.

Exercise: If you enjoy escape rooms, imagine one in the air and on a ropes course. Escape from Zion Summit is the Summit Ropes version of an escape room. Team members must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape their given situation and free themselves from the course.


Goal: This activity is the ultimate in bringing new teams together and energizing well established teams. Promotes empathy and awareness among team members and requires the use of ingenuity and planning skills to properly utilize the tools provided in a given situation.

Exercise:  Teams are led through some of the most difficult obstacles and every team member must successfully complete each obstacle. Participants have the opportunity to evaluate the route before starting and are given tools they can use to assist them. 


Goal: These activities focus on inspiring cooperation and creating social bonds, which are the foundation of good teamwork. It also drives individuals to exceed not only their own capabilities but those of their teammates and co-workers.

Exercise: Teams compete in three timed events that incorporate both on and off-course activities. This activity is great for motivating sales teams because it allows them to compete while gaining insight into each other and examining different approaches taken to reach a common goal.

Participants who would rather keep their feet on the ground, have the use of the facility and can participate in other ways.

You Receive

  • Private briefing for Escape from Summit
  • Rope Course Instruction
  • Escape from Zion Summit Mission Packet
  • Dedicated Game Master
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How Team Building Can Deliver The Results You Want

Inside you will learn:

  • Which team building events are right for your goals
  • Why team building is an essential step in alignment of employees to business goals
  • How team building directly impacts your business, immediate and long-term


We will also share some non-traditional, leading-edge approaches that can easily be tailored to meet the goals and objectives of your team.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordon
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On-The-Ground Team Building

Many businesses want a better understanding of the individuals that make up their team. These on-the-ground activities are specifically designed to meet the goals and objectives of your team. Our professional facilitators will assist team members in rekindling their appreciation for each other and in connecting to shared passion in the workplace.


Goal: This exercise is a lesson in ethical decision making while instilling collaboration and negotiation practices within the team.

Exercise:  Full immersion into a scenario where half of the team is in a rescue tower and the other half is trapped in a cave. The team must derive ethical criteria to determine the order in which team members are rescued from a flooding cave.



Goal:  This activity facilitates organizational empathy, team communication, problem solving and team focus on a common goal.

Exercise:  In a space that feels like the outdoors but has the comforts of the indoors, participants assume alternate roles than they typically serve in their group or organization. Working together, the team must construct actual tents, while blindfolded and under the pressure of time. 


Goal:  This activity promotes communication, creativity, innovation and time management while under stress.

Exercise:  Each team must use creative engineering to remove “toxic waste” from an area without any team members allowed inside the “toxic waste” perimeter or “radiation zone”.


Looking for an introspective view into the individuals that make up your team? Want organization training with practical application? Create the custom program your team needs to foster relationships, and discover untapped team potential. Our professional facilitators will assist team members in rekindling their appreciation for each other and in connecting to shared passion in the workplace.

You Receive

  • 60 mins or more of facilitated team building
  • Dedicated Professional Facilitator
  • Contextual content based on your group needs

Reward Your Team

Summit Ropes is the perfect venue to reward your team and have a fun and unique expereince all in one place.
Looking for a fun and exciting activity to reward your team with outside the office? Harness up for productivity and adventure on Zion Summit!
We provide you with all the tools you need to be productive and have a team inspiring adventure.
Our mezzanine can be used for social events or for team members to watch their co-workers as they traverse our course. We also have conference rooms to have meetings. deliver awards or offer congratulations. We offer a broad selection of catering items for any size group, or you can bring in your own food. Our trained staff will give a private safety briefing and get your team on the largest indoor ropes adventure in the United States.

You Receive

  • Up to 2 Hours on Zion Summit
  • Ropes Course Instruction
  • Private Facilities Available for Meetings
  • Dedicated Equipment Outfitting & Safety Briefing
  • Personalized Greeting on our digital signage
  • Dedicated Staff & Catering Available
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Rent The Entire Facility

Summit Ropes provides a unique setting for a private event, group outing, field trip or get together.

Check out our Venue Amenities here.

Have a large group? Want to have a unique private event? Summit Ropes has everything you need from a massive lobby, coffee bar, and cafe, to the 2500 square foot mezzanine where guests can cheer on their friends or co-workers on the course from only feet away. The entire experience of Summit Ropes will be yours exclusively.

Please read our terms and condition here.

You Receive

  • Unlimited Use of Ropes Course during your rental time
  • Exclusive use of the entire facility
  • Group facilitated team building available
  • Use of all Summit Ropes venue amenities
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Catering Available
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