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Meet Our Team


 Amy Stuart

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Majority Owner, Amy Stuart, a 40-year veteran of corporate America is the visionary and leader of Summit Ropes.  Her executive background and experience leading teams is what inspired Summit Ropes unique approach to Team building.  The facility and course design were the products of her genius.


     Dan Kasabian     

Dan Kasabian Summit Ropes Owner on Grand Teton

Minority Owner, Dan Kasabian, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Ranger Qualified former Army Infantry Office, is at the heart of the Summit Resilient Programs.  Dan is constantly pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone outward through challenging  endeavors.


Gary  Tublin

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 Lead Guide, Gary Tublin, has dedicated his life to facilitating.  Just like the nervous system ensures the body’s systems are functioning properly, Gary is constantly assessing performance of participants and guides.  He has his plus on people, ensuring all parts are engaged and functioning according to plan.


Troy Tiffany

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General Manager, Troy Tiffany, has spent a lifetime managing dynamic and challenging operations.  Troy keeps Summit Ropes running smoothly.  His attention to detail and ability to “make it happen” is the muscle behind Summit.  Troy is our engine, suppling the power to overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Our Course Team



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Assistant General Manager, Paul Cleminson brings more than 20 years of dynamic management experience from both the United Kingdom and the United States to the Summit Ropes team. He is an ex-Winter Mountaineering guide, Kayak teacher and avid Climber and Hiker.



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Marketing Manager, Saralyn Lancaster, is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to increase Summit Ropes' brand awareness. She is currently a graduate student at The University of Alabama expecting to soon receive her Masters in Advertising & Public Relations with a concentration in Digital Communications

our Guides

Josh Dieker

 Joshua Dieker is a talented facilitator. Outgoing and energetic, he was an NCAA gymnast at Springfield College in Massachusetts and studied Recreation Management. He now spend most of my free time racing mountain bikes and snowboarding in the winter.

Sanjay Allen

Sanjay Allen is a highly skilled military-trained leader with exceptional public and community relations. He has a passion for sports and is expecting to receive his Masters in Sports Management in 2024. 

Lynne Lindsey

Lynne Lindsey is a dynamic and creative facilitator with over twenty years of experience in the field of learning and development. She has a passion for growing others and teams using a balance of current theory, experiential learning and self-discovery.

Darryl Pollard

Darryl Pollard is one of our guides. He works hard to ensure an excellent environment for each team. He is knowledgeable on leadership development  and motivated to help individuals grow.

Our Facilitators are trusted by the world's most complex government and commercial clients.