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Summit Ropes has innovated the next generation of Team Building.  Our Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) team building activities are storyline driven in context of the customer.  This means that a Department of Defense participant's team building storyline is different than a member of a Federal Civilian agency.  Many of the activities integrate a multi-media component to engulf the participant into the scenario, creating a powerful experiential learning experience. 

If you are looking for a custom program, our professional facilitators have over 50 cumulative years of experience.  Whether you are looking for a fully developed Leadership Development Program or to integrate Summit Ropes into an existing program, such as a capstone, we are ready to work with you.   

Finally, by being indoors and conveniently located next to Dulles Airport your program is guaranteed to not be affected by weather.


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Ropes Course Team Building federal-government-team-building

Summit Ropes brings the outdoors inside, adding a special twist to traditional team building. Team building takes place on our 120-element course, providing participants a chance to perform challenging activities and support each other in a unique environment. Professional facilitators lead activities designed to engage teams and demand that they work together, under fear induced stress, to solve problems.



Summit Escape

Escape No 600x450

Solve    |    Decipher    |    Escape

Great For: Reconnecting teams or bringing new teams together

Exercise:  If you enjoy escape rooms, imagine one in the air on a ropes course.  Team members work together to find clues & solve puzzles to escape the course.

Goal:  Promotes critical thinking, observation, patience, creative thinking and problem solving.

Ranger Warrior Challenge

Ranger Warrior Challenge 600x450

Synergy   |   Teamwork   |   Camaraderie

Great For: Building team cohesion through shared adversity.

Exercise:  Teams navigate through some of the most difficult obstacles and every team member must successfully complete each obstacle.

Goal: Promotes team empathy and awareness.  Requires the use of ingenuity and planning skills.

The Trifecta

Race for Summit 600x450

Contend   |   Compete   |   Conquer

Great For:  Friendly Competition

Exercise:  Teams compete in three timed events that incorporate both on and off course activities.

Goal: Instills the foundation of good teamwork by inspiring cooperation and creating social bonds.


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Ground Team BuildingCard Exercise_Team Building  group shot laughing_2 Bentley Motors Cropped Reduced Size

Many businesses want a better understanding of the individuals that make up their team. These on-the-ground activities are specifically designed to meet the goals and objectives of your team. Our professional facilitators will assist team members in rekindling their appreciation for each other and in connecting to shared passion in the workplace.



Blind Tent Build

Blind Tent 600x450

Organizational Empathy

Great For:  Reconnecting teams or bringing together new teams.

Exercise:  Assuming alternate roles, the team must construct a tent, while blindfolded under the pressure of being timed.

Goal:  Facilitate organizational empathy, communication, problem solving & team focus on a common goal.

Toxic Waste Removal

Toxic Waste 600x450

Innovative Time Management

Great For:  Teams that work in a high stress environment that rely on each other to be productive.

Exercise:  Use creative engineering to remove "toxic waste" from an area, however, no team member is allowed inside the toxic waste perimeter.

Goal:  Promotes communication, creativity, innovation & time management under stress

Cave Rescue

Cave Rescue 600x450

Ethical Decision Making

Great For:  Federal government and first responders.

Exercise:  By utilizing ethical criteria to decide which team members will survive.  Teammates are trapped in a flooding cave and you must decide the order in which they will be rescued.

Goal:  Ethical decision making while instilling collaboration & negotiation practices.


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Custom ProgramsCourse_Having fun time_1163

Whether you are looking to create a Leadership Development Program or an Individual Behavioral Assessment and Team Workshop, Summit Ropes has the experience to make it happen.  We are also able to customized our activities into your existing program to enhance your learning objectives.  You can also customized the Summit Ropes Commercial Off-The Shelf Team Building activities to meet your needs.  With the experience and ingenuity of our team building staff, your program's objectives are possible.




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