Our Gratitude

We Love Our Community!

From Fundraising to Charity Events, Summit Ropes is dedicated to showing gratitude and giving back to those around us.

We are proud to serve our local community in Northern Virginia through a variety of different events and activities throughout the year. 

As a woman-owned small business, we are grateful for all of your support since we opened in 2019, and now, it's our turn to give back!

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How do we show gratitude?

Fundraising, Charity Events, and Donations

What is a Summit Ropes Fundraising Night? 

  • We host your group or organization for a private event.
  • You receive a 20% donation from ticket sales.
  • Everybody experiences a fun adventure!

Why do we organize Charity Events?

  • We want to support local non-profits and their mission to help different portions of our community.
  • Our team consists of many backgrounds and different stories, and we feel passionate about helping others.
  • As a small-business, we understand some of the challenges faced by these organizations and want to see them succeed.

Where and how do we donate?

  • At times, we have the opportunity to donate gift cards or merchandise for giveaways and auctions to support a good cause.

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SUmmit Ropes Gives Back

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Our 1st Charity Event (April 2022) benefitted the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. Learn more about their mission by clicking here!

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Summit Ropes Staff

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We are thankful for you!