Challenge Your Mind & Body



What Happens on the Course Doesn’t Stay on the Course.

Summit Ropes allows climbers to challenge their mind and body through our one-of-a-kind course. Completing our course requires climbers to push past mental blocks and use all muscles in the body. Climbers who regularly visit the course notice a physical change as well as a change in mentality. Summit Ropes is more than a ropes course because the effort you put into the course will create a difference in your daily life.

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Become a Member



It doesn't take long to understand that our ropes course is not a competition - its a community. Our focus for our membership climbers is that individuals strengthen their body and mind while helping others do the same. 

















New and experienced climbers above the age of 13 are able to further their knowledge and techniques. 
New and experienced climbers between the ages of 8 and 12 can use this membership to develop a deeper knowledge of climbing as they try out different strategies and techniques.
Climbers in this age group must climb with an adult.
Introduce climbers ages 4-7 to the climbing community! Our course is a great way for young climbers to learn more about climbing, while building their confidence.

Climbers in this age group must climb with an adult.


Member Hours

Members are welcome to open climb during our open hours Saturday & Sunday9 am-8 pm.

Member Benefits 

  • Members have no restrictions on number of days or amount of time spent on the course.
  • Certification to harness yourself and skip safety briefing and harnessing - Harness Certification is offered 2nd Saturday of each month.
  • Adult Memberships receive 10% off beverage purchases from Summit Cafe (excluding beer & wine).
  • After 30 days of membership, Adult Memberships will receive 1 guest pass per month (passes do not accumulate passes not used within 30 days will expire).

Summit Ropes PPE


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General Policies

· The member month for all memberships is one calendar month which begins on the date of purchase.

· Recurring accounts are billed every calendar month on the date of purchase referred to as the members billing date.

· All requests to change, freeze or cancel memberships must be submitted 30 days prior to the billing date of the month for which you are requesting.

· Any request received on the billing date or after will be processed for the next billing cycle.

· Recurring accounts will continue indefinitely until a request to cancel is submitted.

· Membership rates are in no way related to your actual facility usage.

· Some changes require additional processing and membership fees which must be paid in full in advance.

Accepted Forms of Notice

· Summit Ropes does NOT accept in person, phone, or faxed requests.

· All requests must be made via the Membership Change Request Form which must be completed, signed, and emailed to

· All requests must be submitted prior to the billing date of the month for which you are requesting. Late requests are never accepted for any reason.

· ALL requests will be confirmed via email within 72 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation, your request has not been processed. Please resubmit your request.

Cancellation Policy

· Recurring accounts do NOT cancel automatically.

· Requests to cancel must be submitted prior to the billing date for which you are requesting by using the accepted forms of notice.

· Any request received on or after the members billing date will be processed at the next billing cycle.

· Any overdue balance must be paid prior to cancellation.

· Accounts will be cancelled at end of business on the last day of the billing cycle.

Access cancellation form here. 

Adding/Removing Member

· Family memberships are limited to direct family members only (spouses, children, and siblings) living at the same address.

· Documentation verifying the above may be required (marriage license, driver’s license, etc).

· Requests to add or remove a member can be made by calling 855-578-6648 or submitting a request via email to

· A corresponding increase or decrease in monthly dues will be made accordingly and discussed in the confirmation response prior to charging your account.