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Push Your Team Members


Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

We believe Experience + Reflections = Learning

Experiences that require uncomfortable decision making and evoke emotion are core to learning outcomes.

The Four Phases of Team Building

Summit Ropes Team Building


1. Primacy
    - Before any activities begin, we conduct a Kickoff to inform participants of the activities they will be taking part in.
2. Experiential
    - Team Building activities begin and participants will come together to complete each task.
3. Recency
    - After each activity, the team discusses their thought processes and emotions they had during the activity.
4. Curing Period
    - In the last stage of team building, participants are able to relax and openly network. This helps solidify the lessons learned during the activity and debrief. 


Summit Ropes Training theory

Training Theory

How do you make an event memorable?
Make the activity elicit strong emotion! Utilizing activities that elicit an emotional response, our participants not only learn from their experience but remember the lesson. Training theory at Summit Ropes involves a four-part learning method designed to engage participants throughout all phases of learning and includes emotional components to ensure lessons are retained and can be recalled in the workplace.

What Makes Us Different

Map of Summit Ropes



Close & Convenient:  Located next to Dulles Airport & ¼ mile from Loudoun Gateway Silver Line

Safe & Predictable:  Environmentally controlled upscale facility removes the element of weather and objective hazards.

Full Service:  Conference center, meeting rooms, café, and ropes course all in one place.

Comfortably Uncomfortable:  When introducing stressors into a learning exercise, experts say initial exposure to multiple stressors such as inclement weather (being too hot, too cold, wet, etc) negatively impact learning outcomes.  At Summit Ropes, we have full control over the number and types of stressors introduced in each activity.

Sample Agenda

Corporate schedule of events


Every team building executed at Summit Ropes is unique and each event is customized to the organization, including your agenda.  Below is a sample of an agenda.


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