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Your Next Adventure

Is it time to challenge your group?

Adventures are supposed to be challenging and fun. Exciting memories will be created while learning new skills and strengthening others. What does an adventure look like at Summit Ropes?

1. Bring Your Group Together   2. Overcome 120+ Ropes Course Obstacles  3. Work as a Team and Individually   4. Conquer Team Building Activities    5. Stop at Summit Café to eat and connect!

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Book online for groups up to 20. Please call us for groups over 20.


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Looking To Schedule?

Summit Ropes provides a unique event for all groups! For groups up to 20 participants, you can schedule an adventure on Saturday or Sunday from 10am - 4pm.

Looking for an adventure outside of these times?

Learn more about a private reservation. Groups under 20 would need to meet facility rental minimum price. 

Safety Information

Summit Ropes was built to accommodate a vast range of skills and
multiple levels of ability. Whether your group are avid adventurers,
first timers, or a mix, Summit Ropes has something for everyone.
To make your event run smoothly, we have included some
information below that will provide insight into your upcoming

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