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Transform Adversity Into Opportunity


Bounce back faster from challenges, adapt to new ways of thinking, and maintain strong connections in the midst of change.


Our Workshops Enable



Greater Job Satisfaction

Reframing external stressors into challenging opportunities gives employees focus and initiative versus being distracted and anxious.

Work Happiness

Higher resilience increases purpose, meaning and happiness. 

Organizational Commitment

A resilient culture built on principles of empowerment, purpose, trust and accountability. 

Employee Engagement

Employees who are supported, motivated and equipped are best positioned to overcome organizational obstacles.



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Make a habit of being Comfortable with what is Uncomfortable



Areas of Workshop Focus


Our workshops utilize activities that strategically introduce stress in a controlled environment.  It is our priority to establish these habits in leaders and teams of all levels in Federal Government.


Mental Fortitude


Growth Mindset

Leaders and team members with a growth mindset embrace failure and view it as an opportunity to grow and thrive. This skill can be cultivated through time and with practice allowing adverse situations to become positive opportunities.

Navigating Chaos


Navigating Chaos

Embracing change with optimism is a cultivated skill. Resilient leaders face chaos with problem-solving mentality, navigating information overload by recognizing relevant information and transforming it into useful, actionable knowledge.




Stress, pain and constant change are a part of life. Acknowledging physical and emotional sensations that are triggered from external sources and accepting them as routine is an important step to a resilient mindset.


Cognitive Flexibility


Cognitive Flexibility

An elastic cognitive approach allows leaders to use different thinking strategies and mental frameworks. Practicing techniques to expand the way we view challenges and react to emotional stress can increase resilience.

Fostering Trust


Fostering Trust

A resilient organization freely shares information where all members feel valued and respected. Learning to put predispositions aside and interact by listening with curiosity and empathy drives a culture of safety and acceptance.

Managing Stress-1


Managing Stress

Physical, emotional and psychological strain, impacts decision making and overall outlook. Learning to reframe stressors and control emotional response by turning stress into a positive objective, is essential for overall health and well-being.




How We Deliver Workshops


We have two workshop tracks;  Leaders & Teams.  Resilience is core curriculum for both tracks and each track has primary attributes and habits used to create learning objectives which align to corresponding activities.  Workshops are custom designed with organizational objectives and adjusted to meet the needs of workshop attendees.


Leader Tracks

Instill Habits of Resilient Leaders

Leader Track

Team Tracks

Instill Habits of Resilient Teams

Team Track


Workshop Schedule of Events


Our workshops are generally 8 hours in length.  Each activity begins with a brief and ends with debrief.  Time is allotted between activities for breaks and reflection.  A workshop is generally comprised of the following activities:

Sample Agenda


Workshop Schedule of Events Sample