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Push Your Team Members

Growth Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

We believe Experience + Reflections = Learning

Experiences that require uncomfortable decision making and evoke emotion are core to learning outcomes.

How We Do It

Mirroring work environment

Mirroring the work 

Our workshops challenge teams cognitively, emotionally, and socially - mirroring situations, interactions, and behaviors encountered in the everyday work environment.

simulating the stress

Simulating the stress

Through the use of virtual external stressors, our simulations are designed to quickly and overtly draw out habitual actions and reactions within the team.

bringing it back

Bringing it back    

Leaders and their teams apply the skills and strategies learned at Summit Ropes to work together towards goals as an aligned team. 

What Makes Us Different

Map of Summit Ropes



Close & Convenient:  Located next to Dulles Airport & ¼ mile from Loudoun Gateway Silver Line

Safe & Predictable:  Environmentally controlled upscale facility removes the element of weather and objective hazards.

Full Service:  Conference center, meeting rooms, café, and ropes course all in one place.

Comfortably Uncomfortable:  When introducing stressors into a learning exercise, experts say initial exposure to multiple stressors such as inclement weather (being too hot, too cold, wet, etc) negatively impact learning outcomes.  At Summit Ropes, we have full control over the number and types of stressors introduced in each activity.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration


The United States Military is best in class at creating resilient individuals and teams.  This is why Summit Ropes utilizes attributes of military training, focusing on strengthening fortitude and mental toughness, thorough practical application and repetition.  Upon completion of our workshops, participants have acquired positive habits and a methodology for repeating these habits within their workplace.


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The Science

Our programs utilize activities which induce anxiety and stress in a safe environment, participants acquire skills to push beyond self-imposed boundaries and learn to become comfortable with what is uncomfortable. Our processes promotes holistic learning and continual growth. Leaving individuals with a method for continued self-development.

Our Training Facility

Training Theory
Our activities result in a more memorable learning event by using emotion based activities. Emotion based activities are the key to ensuring participants remember the lessons learned. These activities combined with our four part learning method results in the highest retention rate.
Our four part learning method involves a briefing, activity, debrief, and socialization period that allows participants to prepare, engage, and reflect on each  the activity. 
Training theory
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