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Building Business Resiliency 



Indoor Challenge Experience

Our course is more than a ropes course, it is an opportunity to challenge yourself individually and collectively.  Our Leadership development workshops are led by professionals with focused learning objectives utilizing challenged based activities to promote resiliency. 

As teams engage in activities, they complete challenges in unfamiliar terrain, inducing simulated stress.  Our curriculum provides opportunity for participants to exhibit and observe vulnerability in a controlled environment.  Our activities require fortitude, introspection and collaboration as participants are physically and emotionally challenged, learning to stay present while utilizing a growth mindset to reframe stressors into purposeful challenges they can overcome.

Rock Wall from back looking forward



Clic-iT's Smart Belay

Summit Ropes believes that the use of high-end safety equipment is an unconditional priority. Our facility uses CLiC-iT® continuous belay system to ensure a secure experience for all climbers. CLiC-iT® Is a patented safety system with two communicating connectors. These connectors are automatically synchronized so that opening one connector automatically locks the other one, leaving one connector always locked on to the obstacle safety cable. Using CliC-iTs prevents a climber from accidentally detaching both carabiners from the safety cable, providing both skilled and novice climbers proper protection when utilizing our course.

Singing Rock Harnesses

Here at Summit Ropes, we use Singing Rock Full Body Harnesses. Singing Rock is well known as one of the world leaders in the market of climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at height, military, and rescue. Our five point harnesses are easy to put on and adjust securely to fit all body types. All harnesses are thoroughly cleaned and safety checked after each use.




Petzl Helmets

Helmets play an essential role as safety for vertical activities. Like most climbing sports, we require all participants to wear helmets. Our facility uses Petzl lightweight adjustable helmets because they exceed current standards by providing the best front, side, and rear protection. This added reinforcement guards the head against impacts from all directions. Although risk for head injury is minimal with Ropes Climbing, helmets are an essential part of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) used to keep our guests safe.


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