Summit Ropes is the largest Indoor Ropes Course Adventure Park in the U.S.

Our park consists of 16,550 square feet of ropes course with integrated Via Ferrata climbing. Come experience Summit Ropes, Loudoun County’s route to fun and adventure.

Accommodating ages 4 and up, Summit Ropes is divided into a children’s course for ages 4-6, and an adult course for ages 7 and up. Both offer challenging activities that engage participants’ mind and body as they choose their level of difficulty based on route choice.

Guests wear a full-body climbing harness and utilize a smart belay system which attaches to a belay cable, ensuring participant safety at all times.

Frequently AskedQuestions

General Information

Directions to Summit Ropes?

Location: Summit Ropes is located on Old Ox Road (VA-606) 0.5 miles East of Dulles Greenway and 1.5 miles west of Rt. 28 in Sterling VA.
Address: 44810 Old Ox Road, Sterling VA  20166


What is your inclement weather policy?

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY – Summit Ropes is an Indoor Adventure Park that is open all year round. However, in the highly unlikely event we must close due to inclement weather, such as Snowmageddon, Megalopolitan Blizzard or the Knickerbocker Blizzard (yes, this is a real thing, look it up), customers who have pre-booked their climbing adventure will have the opportunity to receive a full refund or rebook their adventure for an alternate date.

Is the indoor adventure park certified?

Summit Ropes is the creation of owners Amy Stuart and Dan Kasabian. Motivated by their love of climbing and inspired by the outdoors, Amy and Dan modeled this course after Zion National Park. Summit Ropes’ engineering, design, manufacturing and construction was completed by Walltopia, a world leader in climbing design and manufacturing. The Park is built and maintained to the standards of the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) specifications, among the most stringent ropes course safety standards in the world.

What food services are available?

Pre-packaged food and drinks are available for purchase at Summit Ropes. For groups and parties we have catering and pizza available from Broadlands Brick Oven Pizza.  Ask for details when booking your group visit or see Pizza details in the party booking.

Is there a fee for parking?

Nope. Parking at Summit Ropes is absolutely free; however, our parking is limited so please allow adequate time to locate parking before your event and carpool if possible. We appreciate your patience as we work to address this limitation and the inconvenience it poses on your overall experience at Summit Ropes.

What is your privacy policy?
What is your policy on tobacco?

Smoking, smokeless tobacco and vaping is strictly prohibited in the Summit Ropes facility and within 100 ft of our entrances.


Can I cancel a reservation?

For complete details, please reference the Cancellation Policy section of our terms and conditions.

What is your no-show policy?

In fairness to all guests, participants with reserved bookings who fail to show for their reserved booking time and provide no prior notice of cancellation are liable for the entire booking cost. The No-Show Policy is applicable to all participants, including group reservations.

No-Shows are not eligible for monetary refund, credit, gift card, rescheduling of the event, or any other reimbursement. No-Shows will forfeit the entire booking cost.

Is a ticket required to watch my friends/family climb?

Nope! There is no fee to observe climbers at Summit Ropes. Come watch your friends, family, neighbors and team mates climb or simply lounge or work on our observation mezzanine.

What is the time duration of the ticket?

A Summit Ropes Pay-for-Play tickets differ in duration depending on the ticket type. Tickets range in time from 60 minutes up to 2 hours on the course.

Are advanced reservations required?

Reservations are always preferred and will guarantee your place on the course during a particular time interval. However, you may walk in and we will get you on the course as soon as a slot is available.

Are Summit Ropes gift cards available?

Yes. Summit Ropes gift cards are available for purchase online or at our facility.

Are annual passes available?

Annual passes are Coming Soon

Parties & Groups

Are we allowed to bring our own food?

Yes. Outside food is allowed inside our facility.

Are private or group sessions available?

Summit Ropes offers birthday parties and other group outings for field trips, team and corporate events. Group adventure is our passion at Summit Ropes and we have packages to meet a variety of needs. Whether you want to join-up with friends, meet-up with your sports buds or team-up with your colleagues, Summit Ropes has an adventure for you. All packages include a party room, time on our course, and facilitation by one of our very own Event Coordinators. Visit our Organizational Events Page for more details.

Can I schedule a birthday party at Summit Ropes?

Celebrating birthday parties at Summit Ropes is fun for all. We offer party packages for both Scout’s Landing and Zion Summit.  

What else should I know?

It is best if groups begin check-in up to 30 minutes prior to your schedule activity to allow for harnessing and safety orientation. Please make sure everyone in your party completes the necessary waiver ahead of time and is dressed appropriately for the adventure.

Ropes Course

Are there age, weight or height restrictions?

Scout’s Landing: Kids Course
Participant age is between 4 – 6 years of age.
At least 3 feet 2 inches (95 cm) tall and no taller than 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm).
May not weight more than 125 pounds.

Zion Summit: Main Course
Participants age is 7+ years of age.
No taller than 6 feet 5 inches (195 cm).
May not weight more than 285 pounds.

What is the difficulty of the trails/elements?

Our course has several levels of difficulty:

Green = Novice (Scout’s Landing)

Beige = Beginner (Zion Summit)

Red = Intermediate (Zion Summit)

Black = Expert (Zion Summit)

What clothing and shoes should I wear?

Wear clothing appropriate for working out or sporting activities. We recommend well-fitted clothing that does not hang loose as it may get tangled in cables and ropes. Closed-toe and closed heel shoes are required and sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. Heels, crocs, tevas, flip-flops, and sandals are not permitted on the course. If you have long hair, it is best to tie it back. Additionally, please refrain from wearing any loose jewelry.

What equipment is provided?

All guests will be outfitted with a full-body harness and a helmet. Climbing gloves are not required but may be used if you wish to bring them. Climbing shoes are not recommended on the course.

Do I have to be really fit to complete the course?

Both the Summit Ropes Scout’s Landing and Zion Summit courses require a general level of physical fitness and dexterity; however, anyone can participate. Our course is designed to accommodate a range of physical and skill levels and we encourage everyone to give the course a try. Our Course Monitors are watching at all times and ready to assist if a participant needs a little guidance or a full rescue. Please see our Participation Requirements for a complete list of the safety rules of participation.

Are all guests required to have a completed/signed waiver?

Yes. Every Summit Ropes participant needs a completed waiver form on file prior to their climb. Participants 18 years and older will sign the waiver for themselves and anyone younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signature. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18.

Any children climbing on our Scout’s Landing Course must have a parent or appointed guardian in the facility at all times.

Will Summit Ropes provide supervision on the course?

Summit Ropes has course monitors that are available to assist participants when needed and can provide guidance on how to best complete an obstacle. However, they are not supervising participants at all times. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18.

Can a guest climb while wearing a cast or sling?

No, if a guest is recovering from an injury, has a cast or other immobilization device, they will not be allowed on the course.

Can I spend more than the designated time on the course?

Most participants will find that completing the full 2 hours on Zion Summit is quite the challenge. However, in the event you are training for a special event or just want to experience muscle fatigue like never before, you may spend additional time on the course. Once your allotted time is up, if you are not checked out, you will be charged the hourly rate until equipment is turned in.

What are the participation requirements of the course?

Please reference our Participation Requirements document.

Should I bring my own equipment?

All the equipment you need will be provided for you. For your safety, you will use our harnesses and helmets, no additional equipment is needed. You are welcome to bring your own climbing gloves if you wish, or purchase a pair from us.


Summit Ropes is located on Old Ox Road (VA-606) 0.5 miles East of Dulles Greenway and 1.5 miles west of Rt. 28 in Sterling, VA.


44810 Old Ox Road
Sterling VA 20166