Your Visit to the Largest Indoor Ropes Adventure in the U.S.

Our park consists of 16,550 square feet including a ropes course, the Summit Cafe, Lhotse Lounge, meeting rooms, and a team building center. Get ready to experience the best indoor adventure located in Loudoun County.

Accommodating ages 8 and up (min. 4 ft 2 inches tall). Climbers age 4-7 or shorter than 4 ft 2 inches must climb with an adult or a Climbing Companion. Our ropes course (accompanied by the highest safety standards) offers challenging activities and obstacles for all skill levels that engage your mind and body as you choose your own path and adventure throughout the course.

Check-In: You should arrive at the time of your scheduled "climb time" to confirm your tickets and waivers, secure your belongings in free private lockers, use our clean, state-of-the-art restrooms, and watch the training video.

Ropes Course: After checking in at the time of your climb, here's what your safe ropes course experience will look like:

  1. Before climbing, you will watch a safety training video.
  2. A staff member will help you into a full-body climbing harness and helmet and perform a harness safety check.
  3. Then, you will participate in a hands-on training session to practice with your gear. You will fully understand how to utilize our smart belay cable system (a cool safety mechanism keeping you secure during your adventure).
  4. Next, you will enter the course from 1 of 4 gates and will be free to have fun, test your skill, and have the best indoor adventure!
  5. Finally, after completing your designated "climb time", you will exit the course from 1 of 4 gates and return to solid ground!

Spectators: While we encourage each guest to try our ropes course, we allow friends and family to observe their climbers for free from the Summit Cafe downstairs or the 2nd-story "Lhotse Lounge" next to our Everest Team Building and Conference Center.

Frequently AskedQuestions

General Information

What does your COVID-19 protocol and sanitation process look like?

Cleaning and Safety are always the first priorities at Summit Ropes. For COVID-19, we utilize the following safety measures:

  • Follow CDC and Loudoun County Health Dept to determine policies.
  • Guests are not required to wear a mask.
  • Hourly facility cleaning check of all public areas and restrooms.
  • Harness, helmet, and other gear is fully cleaned with an approved disinfectant after each use.
  • We offer touch-free restrooms and touch-free sanitation stations.

To see a full breakdown, click here

Are there age, height and weight restrictions?

Participants must be age 8+ or minimum height of 4 ft 2 inches tall to climb independently.  Climbers age 4-7 or shorter than 4 ft 2 inches tall are required to climb with an adult (18+) on the course. Our current harnessing equipment also has a maximum height and weight restriction to ensure a safe and correct fit.

Safety Restrictions:

  • Max. Height: 6 ft 5 inches
  • Max. Weight: 300 lbs
  • Min. Height: 4 ft 2 inches
What is your inclement weather policy?

Summit Ropes is an indoor adventure ropes course meaning most weather does not affect us. However, in the unlikely event we must close due to inclement weather, customers who have pre-booked their climbing adventure will have the opportunity to reschedule their adventure for an alternate date. If you are unable to attend on a future date, please call us and speak to a manager regarding your booking.

What food and drink services are available?

NOW OPEN: Summit Café!

 Summit Café has a wide variety of food and beverage options including beer, wine, pizza, appetizers, entrees, specialty coffee, and more! 

We currently offer a variety of snacks, soft drinks, juice, and water.

At this time, NO outside food or beverage is allowed. We do allow you to bring in your own water bottle to use at our filtered water fill station.

For groups and parties we have catering options, pizza, and party platters available . View Summit Cafe and Catering Options

Is there free parking?

YES! Summit Ropes offers free parking in front of our facility.

What is your policy on smoking and tobacco use?

Smoking or vaping of any kind and the use of smokeless tobacco is strictly prohibited in the Summit Ropes facility and within 100 ft of our entrances.

What are your hours of operation?

General Adventure Passes, Parties & Groups Under 20

Friday:           3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday:      9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sunday:         9:00 am to 8:00 pm


MON – FRI: Corporate, Federal Government, and Large Group Events only.

What if I am late for my reservation?

Please arrive at the time that you have reserved ensure you have the proper time needed for safety training and harnessing

If you are late, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we have the discretion to move your booking to the next available time. Sessions are scheduled every 30 minutes with 16 available spots.  Please note this will not take away from your allotted time on the course.

Do you offer Military or First Responder discounts?

Yes, as a veteran-owned company, we proudly offer a 10% discount on our 2 Hour Adventure Pass for Military and First Responders. This is not available online so please call to book your reservation and take advantage of this discount. We do require proof of ID at check-in.

NOTE: This does not apply to merchandise, food and beverage, group or party packages, or any of our other services.


Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Reservations including parties and groups are subject to our Terms & Condition, please reference the Cancellation Policy section of our terms and conditions.

Summit Ropes offers store credit for any unused adventure passes. However, this does not apply to adventure passes within any group or party package.

What is the time duration of the adventure pass?

Adventure Pass: 

2 hours:  includes 30 minute check-in, safety training and harnessing, and 1.5 hours on the ropes course.

Are advanced reservations required?

Reservations are strongly recommended as we have limited spots in each climbing session. We do accept walk-ins, but this may require an extended waiting period to climb . You can book your reservation online or call 855-578-6648.

Are Summit Ropes gift cards available?

Yes. Summit Ropes gift cards are available for purchase online or at our facility.

Are memberships available?

New, exclusive memberships are now available! 

Parties & Groups

Are we allowed to bring our own food?

We do not allow outside food or drink in our facility. Summit Café offers Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine, Pizza, Appetizers, Entrees, Specialty Coffee, and more.

Party Packages include increased food and beverage options and access to our catering service. Popular items include Pizza, Party Platters, and Cake.

Are private or group sessions available?

Group packages for up to 20 people are available to purchase online. Please visit our Groups Page for more details.

For any group over 20 people, please call and speak with a Guest Experience Manager to book your adventure.

Complete facility rental for exclusive use is also available. Please call and speak with a Guest Experience Manager.

Contact Us!

Can I schedule a birthday party at Summit Ropes?

Summit Ropes offers amazing birthday party packages for the most adventurous celebration ever. We have party packages available online for up to 20 people. Please visit our Parties page to book your next party with us.

Recommended for Ages 10+

What time should I arrive?

It is best that your party or group(s) arrives at least to 30 minutes prior to your reservation. This will allow for safety training, harnessing, and maximum time on the ropes course. 

All waivers should be completed prior to arrival.

Are there age, height and weight restrictions?

Participants must be age 8+ or minimum height of 4 ft 2 inches tall to climb independently.  Climbers age 4-7 or shorter than 4 ft 2 inches tall are required to climb with an adult (18+) on the course. Our current harnessing equipment also has a maximum height and weight restriction to ensure a safe and correct fit.

Safety Restrictions:

  • Max. Height: 6 ft 5 inches
  • Max. Weight: 300 lbs
  • Min. Height: 4 ft 2 inches

Ropes Adventure Course

What is the difficulty of the ropes course?

Our course is suitable for any skill level. No prior experience needed! 

Our course consists of an upper level, lower level, and via ferrata climbing wall to provide a fun challenge for all climbers

However, climbers age 4-7 or shorter than the minimum height requirement must climb with an adult (18+) as they will not be able to operate our smart belay system or harnessing equipment.

What clothing and shoes should I wear?

Our policies on apparel are enforced for your safety. Please review the following:

  • Lightweight Activewear is recommended.
  • Removing coats and outerwear is recommended.
  • We recommend wearing minimal to no jewelry on course.
  • Closed-toe  and closed-heel shoes are required, athletic shoes are best.
  • Sandals and Crocs are prohibited.
  • Any hairstyle or cultural or religious apparel must conform to our policy.

Management has the discretion to prohibit access to the ropes course if your apparel is a safety concern.

Where do I place my cellphone and personal belongings?

We provide FREE storage lockers with digital keypad locks to store your things.

We do not allow cellphones on the course unless you purchase a Summit Ropes phone lanyard. This is a safety precaution.

We highly recommend removing all items from your pocket such as keys, cellphones, wallets, or any jewelry and placing them in a locker.

What equipment is provided?
Summit Ropes provides the following:
  • Full-Body Climbing Harness (multiple sizes)
  • Adjustable Helmet 

We also recommend the use of climbing gloves that can be purchased online or in our facility. You may also bring your own gloves.

NOTE: No outside harness or helmets allowed. Personal Helmets can be purchased in facility.

Do I have to be really fit to complete the ropes course?

Our course does not require any prior experience or skill, but several obstacles are designed to be physically demanding and challenging. There are course monitors to provide assistance in navigating the course, but you are free to choose your own path based on comfort and physical ability.

Are all guests required to have a completed/signed waiver?

Yes. Every Summit Ropes participant needs a completed waiver form on file prior to their climb. Participants 18 years and older will sign the waiver for themselves and anyone younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian signature. 

What if I need assistance on the course?

Summit Ropes has course monitors that are available to assist climbers in navigating the course. The course was purposefully designed for you to choose your own path and overcome challenges, but assistance is available as needed.

Can a guest climb while wearing a cast or sling or dealing with another injury?

If injured, Summit Ropes suggests you consult a medical professional before climbing. We require all harnessing and safety equipment to fit properly for all climbers. Some of the physical actions required to climb include use of hands on belay cable system, climbing across ropes using hands and feet, balancing on obstacles, and more.

Can I spend more than the designated time on the course?

We recommend a 2 hour climb time for any first time guests, and all guests have the option to add an extra hour while on course for an upgraded ticket fee. You can also upgrade to an Ultimate Day Pass for unlimited all day access to the course!

Just let one of our course monitors know you would like more time on the course.


Summit Ropes is located on Old Ox Road (VA-606) 0.5 miles East of Dulles Greenway and 1.5 miles west of Rt. 28 in Sterling, VA.


44810 Old Ox Road
Sterling VA 20166